Random Musings: Ranchod

Disclaimer: This article is not related to any religion nor am I promoting any religion. I am simply narrating a story which I find very inspiring. The protagonist of this story just happens to be considered and worshiped as a god in Hinduism.  First of all I will explain what the title means. Ranchod, is one of … Continue reading Random Musings: Ranchod


“Is it me?”

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out

My silence was not a sign of enjoyment. It was one of helplessness..jpg

I was at the tailor yesterday. He had to take measurements and yet again, his hands were where it shouldn’t be. They always were but with my mother not around, it was more obvious now. I walked out wondering why he felt like he could. Maybe I should’ve panicked. I should’ve screamed and said “What are you doing?” But I was silent. I had told myself it’s part of life as a woman. Maybe I look like someone he could take advantage of. Maybe it’s not his fault that he feels entitled. Maybe it’s.. me. Is it me?

I told my mother later that day, “If this man was bad at his job, he’d be in jail for molestation already.” She shrugged and told me it’s who he is. She asked me why I couldn’t find another tailor. That sounded like a normal question to which I responded that not everyone can…

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