Beautiful Mondays

While travelling from Udaipur to Haldi Ghati, the famous pass where Maharana Pratap fought Emporor Akbar's vast army we came across this gem. Tucked away in a narrow dusty lane, miles away from the main road, this temple dedicated to some local goddess caught our attention. It's unassuming exterior did not even hint at it's … Continue reading Beautiful Mondays


The mighty fort of Sinhagad (Part II)

Continued from The Mighty  Fort of Sinhagad. For the previous part click here. The legend is that Shivaji Maharaj's mother Jijabai was not at all happy that the fort of Kondana was in the hands of Mughals. She knew that fort was located at a strategic point. She knew that the person who ruled the fort … Continue reading The mighty fort of Sinhagad (Part II)