Hi everyone! Welcome to The Musings of a Wanderer Blog. My name is… Doesn’t matter. Call me Wanderer.

I am passionate about theater. My hobbies include reading, crocheting, cooking, sewing and many more things.Forever curious, I hate settling down and doing the same thing. Constantly in search of new things to  learn, my current goal is to learn how to click a decent selfie 😉 (I did manage to click a selfie but I dropped my phone a couple a times in the process!!!😓)

A true Potterhead. I am currently on a mission to reread the Harry Potter book. To study each character and to look beyond the magic. Because, I know that the Harry Potter book are full of wisdom that will help lesser mortals like us to live a happy and fulfilling life.

As I mentioned before, I don’t  like to settle down, and hence the name the musings of a wanderer. I believe that variety is the spice  of life. This blog is not particularly about any particular thing. One day I might post a recipe and the next day I might share an experience and the next day I might even write about my latest crochet project.

 So, come and  join me in this erratic journey called life……

UPDATE: I have learnt how to click slefies, thanks to my new phone which has fingerprint unlock which means that I can hold my phone in any which way I want and just tap the area that detects my fingerprint and- voilà – I have my perfect selfie!!!!


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