Do You Really Need An Expensive Camera???

Atishooo. Atishooo. Is all I heard the  whole last week. Me and my  ma, both were constantly sneezing. At one point I thought my teeth would fall off.

Then came the second phase, blowing your nose. Nothing ever comes out but you blow your nose nevertheless. Reason? Your nose feels blocked and sleeping is nearly impossible. After sneezing for two whole days my tired body wanted nothing but some rest and some shut-eye. But my nose decided that it will not allow me to  breathe  when I am sitting or sleeping. The only time I could breathe was when I was standing. And only horses sleep while they stand, or so my mom says😉. Humans, though an amazing species, have not yet mastered that  skill.

Then this  phase also passed after about two days and then came the part where things actually start flowing from your nose. But by that time my nose was raw red, lips chapped and my head lost. But thankfully after blowing my nose every other minute, for a few seconds, I could  breathe. This is the phase where I felt, or more like wished, my nose would fall off. (How lucky Lord Voldemort is! He doesn’t have a nose!!!) I also wished I really could lose my head someplace. Or at the very least take off my head for a few hours. The headache was driving me crazy, and I, in turn, was driving the whole household crazy.

In the meanwhile, I had shifted from my bedroom to our living room as the couch has an armrest that is high enough to rest my head comfortably and breathe. Slightly better than sleeping in a sitting position. And like a  nice cherry on top, I also had high fever. So all in all, my week was terrible.

So in the midst of this  terrible terrible week, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia. It was raining cats and dogs. It had been a while since I had stepped outside my home. I was literally detained at home. The reason being, I had cough, cold and fever, and whenever I step out of the house during monsoons, I end up getting drenched. Sometimes involuntarily and most of the times voluntarily. I love getting drenched in the rains. Being cooped up indoors for so long is not a great thing for me.

So I ended up spending most of my time sleeping, or more like trying to sleep , and rest of my time on my laptop, watching useless serials. Then one fine  day, when I was feeling slightly better, I decided to do something constructive. So I started organising my hard disk. As I was arranging the files I came across some of the photographs from our previous vacations that we took as a family.

It has been years since we last went on a vacation. One day trips are more of our thing now. But going through those photographs together brought back some cherished memories. While going through those photographs, I remembered our old camera with which the pictures were clicked.

For past few months I have been grumbling that I  don’t own a decent camera. Sure I own a DSLR but the lens is extremely basic. I wanted a bigger and better lens. I am okay at photography. But I always felt that I will be able to click BRILLIANT pictures if I buy an expensive lens. Notice that brilliant is written in all caps and bold. That is how firm my belief was. 😄😄😄

So, back to  my article. The camera which we owned was a Nikon Coolpix 2500 with lens of capacity……..  wait for it…… 2.0 megapixels and 3x zoom. The memory card that came with the camera was 16  MB, which we felt was less so went ahead and bought a memory card of 64 MB. The year is I think 2004.





I have not edited any of the pictures. No adjusting lights or contrast or sharpening the image. Nothing. They are completely raw. Just how they were clicked. And they are good. I mean they are not jaw dropping, awe-inspiring good, but for an average girl like me who likes to click for fun, they are sufficiently good.

I know all the people who are truly passionate about photography are going to start a debate on good camera versus a decent camera and their pros and cons. I am not saying that buying a good camera and an expensive lens is a bad or an unnecessary thing. It just not the most necessary thing to do if you want to click decent pictures. And the rest can be taken care of by various photo editing apps. Especially if you are doing it for fun.

So compared to what I had, what I have now is much better. And my mobile clicks really really decent photographs. And ultimately, no matter how good or bad your camera is, all that really matters is what you see. A pile of garbage is going to remain the same even if the quality of the camera lens change.

So now I know it is not the camera quality that makes the pictures good or bad. It the person who is behind the camera and what he see through the lens that matters the most.

Intex Cloud Swift_20170120_170848.jpg

IMG_20170722_181312 (1).jpg


(P.S. – I know  the title is cliché and boring and yawn and basically lacks character. But that is all I could come up with. Have you guys ever experienced this? You write a post, edit it, and it is almost ready to go online but you still haven’t come up with a suitable and catchy title. If yes then I would LOVE to hear your experience. It is always comforting to know that I am not the only one out there to face a certain problem.)


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