Women In Harry Potter (Part III)

Note: This article is part of the series ‘Is Harry Potter A Series For Kids?’

Continued  from Women In Harry Potter (Part  II)

The duel between Bellatrix Lestrange and Molly Weasley is  one of the most iconic  moments  in the Battle of Hogwarts. One  of the most defining moments  in the battle, it is the ultimate scene where, in the fight between the good and the evil, good triumphs  over evil. It is  the victory of a mothers love for her  kids over Bellatrix’s obsessive love for  her  master, Lord Voldemort.

This  brings us  to the most deranged, ruthless and cruel female character in the series. Though she has tough competition from a certain Dolores Umbridge, I think Bellatrix Lestrange  takes the trophy for being the most twisted woman Harry came across in the seven books.

Bellatrix Black, married  to  Rodolphus Lestrange, two of the most prominent, pro- Voldemort, pure-blood  wizarding families.   She is twisted, cruel, deranged, unhinged, sadist, magically powerful and insanely loyal (to the Dark Lord). She is  first mentioned in the book Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

…a woman, with thick, shining dark hair, and heavily hooded eyes, who was sitting in the chained chair as though it were a throne.
-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Her crimes are in-numerous, including torturing Alice and Frank Longbottom( Neville’s parents), murdering her cousin Sirius Black and killing her niece Nymphadora Tonks in the  Battle  of  Hogwarts. She enjoys torturing people. Killing muggles and  mudbloods ( people who come from non magical background) is a hobby. She is Voldemort’s right hand woman. His most devout and most trusted follower.

Her name strikes terror in the hearts of even the bravest of all. She loves her master. Or more like, she is  obsessed with her master. There is  no  rhyme or reason to her actions. That makes  her doubly  terrifying.

Bellatrix Lestrange as a character, is a classic example of what a woman can become if she becomes obsessed. She is  woman obsessed with purity of blood. She is highly intolerant. Her  single-minded obsession with blood purity,  coupled with her sadist nature and magical prowess, she is a lethal combination of intent and power. She has  no regard for human life. She is hell-bent on eradicating all the mudbloods from the wizarding community.

She does not have even a shred of mercy. Merciless and cruel, there is no redemption for her  character. She died a fitting death at the hands of a woman, whom she had taunted and considered weak.


 (P.S.- I know that this one is really short but, I  can’t help it. The next woman on my list is Narcissa Malfoy and she took up more words than I imagined she would require. So I decided to write a separate post for her. )

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