10 Things no one knows about me

Hi! Everyone wanderer here. It is twentieth of March already! It has been three months since I joined the  blogging community. I  know that  I published my first article on twenty-third of December, but I created The Musings Of A Wanderer Blog on twentieth of December. Then I couldn’t think of  anything to write  for the next three days.

But seriously, it seems like only yesterday when I was sitting in my room doing absolutely nothing, with my mom screaming at me to come and help her. I was on Facebook and I had not realised that I had been holed up in  my room for two hours already. I knew that if I didn’t go and help my mom  soon, there would be a volcanic eruption soon and then even dad will not be able to get me out of that one. I was just trying to avoid going to kitchen. (For the record , I hate household chores.)

They say an idle mind is devil’s workshop. ( By the way I really wonder who these ” THEY ” are? But that discussion is for some other day!) So my devilish mind came up with this ‘brilliant’ idea of starting a blog. About why I chose WordPress, I have no idea. So I opened a WordPress account. The name The Musings Of A Wanderer Blog is again  something that I came up with on the spur of the moment.

When my mom next screamed my name, I made a really dramatic entry in our living room  and announced to my parents and granny that I had started a blog!.They were shocked, to say the least! It was so sudden and  unexpected. I have always had some interest in writing I had never really dedicated any time to it in the past.

So that is how The Musings Of A Wanderer Blog came to be. And it has been three months since then. Three months, twenty-nine posts and twenty followers later I stand ( or is it sit and write? Oh whatever… You get the point!) before you!

I am really not good at these Thank You speeches, but I would like to say thank you to a couple of people… So here goes!

A very special thank you to Anna of My Little Corner Blogsite. She is my very first follower from the bolgosphere.

A very warm hug to Akshata and Vibhav  for commenting on my very first post The writing voice. Your comments gave me just what I needed then. Encouragement and appreciation.  Until that day whatever I had written till then had always stayed in a closet as I always feared that it is not good enough to come out. It took a great deal of courage to click publish. And when I did that, your appreciation assured me.

Again a big thank you to Vibhav because it was you who inspired me to start a blog.

And a big hug to all those bloggers who are flowing my blog since then.

A big thank you to all those people who have liked and commented on my posts. It is your appreciation that gives me the courage to click publish.

And now I would like to share a few things about myself!

  1. I am an introvert. I am not someone who would mix very easily with people.
  2. I absolutely adore kids. In fact I  am lot more happy in company of kids than I am in the company of my peers.
  3. I am an amateur theatre actress. I have been doing theatre since I was about four or five years of age.
  4. Though I am a theatre artist, I am terrified of dancing. Adaa aur nazakat se mera door door tak koi rishta nahi hai! ( Adaa is a Persian word for  grace and charm. Nazakat  in Roman Urdu means daintiness. So what the above statement means is that, I am far from being dainty and graceful.)
  5. My paternal grandmother is some one who can guess the ingredients that have gone in making a particular dish just by tasting it! I would love to have that sense. I am trying, but the results so far, have been dismal.
  6. My maternal grandmother is someone who can stitch clothes of any pattern just by looking at the pictures. NO I am NOT kidding. Many a times I show her a picture of something that I really like but is really too expensive and within a week’s time that same pattern is a part of my wardrobe! My interest in embroidery, crocheting and stitching is something that I get from her.
  7. I can be extremely stubborn, stubborn to the point of being very annoying!
  8. I had an imaginary friend as child. I am still in touch with him.
  9. I am most happy in my own company.
  10. I am someone who is not too fond of going out with my friends. I would really prefer to ‘hang out’ with my parents. They are my best friends!

So that is it for today! See you all on Wednesday when I will come up with yet another Harry Potter Wednesday post. Till then keep smiling! 😊😊😊😊

8 thoughts on “10 Things no one knows about me

  1. Vibhav says:

    thanks se kaam nahi chalega,
    i would love if your grandmother stitches me a cool Hood. 😛
    if that not much trouble to her of course.

    & congrats. you have passed the first trimester. now keep blogging girl. cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Akshata says:

    3 months is a short span.. though i can sense that the ur blogs are getting more and more interesting… All the best!! Keep shining baby!

    (I find the 8th point scary… Are you serious about this??)

    Liked by 1 person

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