Sometimes you just need a fairy tale…


I know there is a lot of debate going on out there regarding fairy tales. Some people think that fairy tales are regressive and they portray women as the weaker sex. A beautiful princess trapped in a tower by an evil witch waiting for a handsome prince to rescue her… Many feminists ask why does she need a prince to come and rescue her? Can’t she escape on her own? Well… I don’t have answers to either of these questions.

I don’t support fairy tales nor do I oppose them. I am just one of those people stuck in the middle, trying to find the right balance. While I don’t really like the tale of Little Mermaid (A young girl of fifteen sacrificing everything including her family for a boy is not my idea of a role model.) , I cannot deny that Beauty’s courage and compassion does not impress me.

But whether good or bad, I  feel that there  are times  when you just need fairy tales.

(I tend to associate  fairy tales with Barbie movies somehow. Surprisingly, Cinderella is the only  Disney movie that I have watched. Ever! )

You know, I feel that fairy tales are like doors, doors that open into a world which is very different from ours. Sometimes it is easier to deal with the problems which the protagonist is facing than to deal with your own ones. Sometimes it is necessary to escape the reality. I know what they say about facing reality and not running away from it. But sometimes all you really need is  a  break from your current surroundings and situations. Even a break of few minutes can do wonders to improve someone’s mood.

Despite having tons of friends and the world’s most understanding parents, you tend to feel lonely and sad. We all feel so at some point of  time or the other. During those moments it feels nice to escape reality and enter the fantasy world fairy tales, where there are unicorns and dragons and magic… It sometimes feels good to pretend that somewhere high above you, your fairy godmother is watching over you. Or while dealing with a heart-break, it feels nice  to pretend that maybe somewhere your happily ever after awaits you, where your Prince Charming is waiting for you, even though you know that there is no such thing as a happily ever after. 

The world of fairy tales is so fantastically fantastic and magical that it becomes easy to get lost in it. After a tiring and boring  day at work, when your own story starts to seem repetitive and dull, it feels nice to lose yourself in someone else’s story which is so magical.

Whether good or bad, just like  you sometimes need to take  pain-killers in order to escape the pain, an occasional dose of fairy tales is good to escape the monotony of our  daily lives.

And regarding the message that it gives out? Well I believe that we are mature enough to understand which morals are worth practicing and which one’s are not. And with that same maturity we can teach our kids, because, after all a five-year old kid will not understand the story unless the story is explained to him/her. So what Little Mermaid taught me is that no one in this whole world is so important that you abandon your family for him.


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