Is Harry Potter A Series For Kids?

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I am a Harry Potter fan. The mere word ‘fan’ cannot describe my obsession for the series, books in particular. I love the books. Movies? Not so much, but I am crazy  for the books. I must have read the books at least a hundred times since I first bought them.

These books are my go to every time I run out of new material to read.  I  could spend my days and nights reading these books. In fact I have spent my days and nights reading and re-reading these books. Because every time I read the books, I learn something new from them.

A few days ago I was discussing books with a bunch of  people. When I mentioned that I  am re-reading the series, one of my friends asked me,” What? Aren’t you over that phase yet? Aren’t you a bit too old to be reading Harry Potter books?”

I asked,”What has my age to do with the fact that I am reading the books again?”

The reply was, ” Aren’t those books supposed to be for KIDS?”

I was shocked at the answer. How could anyone even say that HP books are for kids? I mean sure, the books are about a bunch of “kids” who dare to take on the world’s most powerful and evil wizard but along the way the books teach us some vital lessons of life.  Either they have not read the books properly or they are just plain dumb.

Either ways I thought it would be great an idea to start a series of blog posts about what I have learnt form the series so far. I am sure there is lot more to learn since the context in which I am reading the books changes every time.

I would like to invite all the Potter heads out there to join me in making all those ignorant people out there realize that Harry Potter is not merely a series for “KIDS”.



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