The writing voice

The title sounds so weird! I know you all must be wondering what is a writing voice? I don’t even know if such a thing exists for anyone else, but it does for me. For me a writing voice is what many may call a particular writer’s writing style. I prefer to call it the writer’s writing voice.

As a child I enjoyed listening to stories that my mother and granny used to tell me. Every meal time was story time  at our place because I would not eat otherwise. So it became sort of a tradition till I was about 10 years old. Even my dad would look forward to the stories which my mom and granny  would come up with. And they were extremely creative with their stories. That is how I developed an interest in history…. but that’s another story!

After about my tenth birthday my mom became slightly reluctant to  tell me stories during meal time because she sensed that I was becoming lazy. I hated reading! Everyone in my family including my dad and grand dad were book worms. But me? I hated reading. So she stopped telling stories to me in a bid to make me read. But that did not work out as, since she stopped telling me stories, I began watching television during the meal times.

My mom must have bought at least twenty to thirty different books for me, but I did not even touch those. She gave up after that. I was about thirteen years old when my dad introduced me to Enid Blyton’s book series The Famous Five. For about six months I did not even look at that book, but then, one day when I was casually flipping through the pages of that book, something clicked. I finished all the three stories from that book in about a weeks time!

Then in a few months time my parents introduced me to the Harry Potter series. I finished the first six books in about three months and when the last book came out, it took me about three to four days to finish that book. The thing which I hated the most, became something which I loved the most. occasionally I would come across a book which I did not like and I would toss it to one side. I always wondered why that was so…

Then I began reading Nancy Drew books. Some books I loved and some, not so much. One day when I was searching for some more Nancy Drew titles to read, I came across a piece of information that Carloyn Keene was a pseudonym. Different writers wrote under that name. That’s when I realised I liked someone’s writing  style and so I enjoyed the story! And so the concept of writing voice developed.

Whenever I am reading a book, I like to get lost in the world described in that book. For me it is like the writer is narrating a story to me and I am listening to that story rather than reading it. I somehow tend to connect reading to studies and that makes it boring to me. So the voice which is narrating the story to me should feel pleasant to me.

I believe that, just like each person has his or her own voice, which I may or may not like, every writer has his or her writing voice. In a conversation we express our views in words, and the words  become audible because of our voice. Similarly, a book is conversation the author has with his reader. So for me a writer’s writing style becomes his voice which narrates his story me.

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